Our company is a pioneering enterprise in the field of soil investigation equipment in Japan.
As the only specialized manufacturer in the country, we are honored to be the number one choice for our customers.

We have recently commenced the export of soil investigation equipment.

About CorePack

A pioneer in ground investigation equipment damaged, washed away, or altered by disasters

Our mission is to protect Japan's beautiful landscape from disasters and pollution through our geological survey business. Our products, highly regarded for their ability to sample the complex geology of Japan in its natural state, are actively used in sites dealing with earthquakes, floods, nuclear plants, and ground improvement across the country. As a trusted company, we will continue to strive for high-quality product creation with youthful energy and technical expertise.

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Enhancing our environmental facilities to provide high-quality products

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Strengths of CorePack

We are the only specialized manufacturer in Japan recognized both domestically and internationally for producing and selling core sampling equipment (CorePack tube®) and various drilling-related equipment, as well as important cutting-edge tools (diamond bit), through integrated production. Our strengths include "ease of use," "durability," "longevity," "design strength," and "cost performance," making us the number one choice for our customers.

[Trademark Registration Number 2318187]

CorePack Tube

[Utility Model Registration Certificate 2576249]

Core Sampling Vinyl Bag(called Sleeve) Set Fixture

[Design Registration Certificate 941185]

Sleeve for Boring Core Coating

[Patent Certificate 2772449]

Core Sampling Device for Geological Survey and Its Sleeve

[Utility Model Registration Certificate 3023321]

Core Sampling Equipment

[Patent Certificate 3029063]

Core Sampling Device for Geological Survey

[Patent Certificate 5305522]

Core Sampling Device and Core Support Bucket

[Trademark Registration Number 6292201]

Diamond Bit for Boring Machines (HARD BELT BIT)

[Design Registration Certificate 1676854]


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A variety-rich masterpiece for multipurpose use

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