Privacy Policy


Recognize the importance of protecting personal information in an advanced information society, we strive to protect personal information in accordance with the following policy.


1. Acquisition of Personal Information

We acquire personal information by appropriate and fair methods.


2. Use of Personal Information

We only use your personal information for the purpose of accomplishment of our tasks.

We may share information or entrust to other parties under rigid investigation and supervise it appropriately to keep it safely.


3. Providing Information to The Third Parties

We don’t provide any information to the third parties without agreement.


4. Security

We keep and manage information accurately and safely.

We take appropriate safeguards to protect the information from threats of improper disclosure and unauthorized access.


5. Disclosure, Suspension, Deletion

If we are requested and validate that any information was collected or used improperly without consent,  we will dispose immediately.

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, please contact us at

E-mail : .


6. Organization

We instruct our employees concerning legal requirements and management practice about personal information.

We carry out the appropriate handling personal information thoroughly.


7. Accountability

 We maintain and improve personal compliance programs to practice this policy.


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Privacy Policy 

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