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  Trade Name   CORE PACK CO.,LTD.
  Location Head Office

2-14-27 Nakahata Onojyo City Fukuoka 816-0921 Japan

TEL +81-92-572-0680 FAX +81-92-501-7824 


Diamond Bit Department

2-5-30 Nakahata Onojo City Fukuoka 816-0921 Japan

TEL/FAX +81-92-502-6165 


  Capital   20 million yen

  President and CEO

 Hidehisa Yadotani
  Established   March 28, 1973
  Business  manufacture and sales  of geological boring and core sampling tools and items

 Original Core Pack Tubes® (Core Barrel)  

 Boring tools and Diamond Bits (Drill Bit)

 Other tubes and other coring items

  employee   20 employees


 Property Rights


 Design Registration : boring core cover sleeve (941185)

 Patent : geological investigation coring equipment (3029063)

              : geological investigation coring  equipment and sleeve (2772449)

Utility Model : core sampling sleeve setting fixture (2576249)

                          coring tool (3023321)

                          and other PAT.P




1973 Established as Kyoeishoukou
1976 Reorganized and renamed as Kyoeishisuikiki (Kyoei boring machine)
1982 Core Pack Tube R Development/Sales started
1983 Core Pack Tube S Development/Sales started
1988 The company was renamed as CORE PACK CO.,LTD. and main office was constructed
1991 Established original(main) factory
1992 Core Pack Tube NEW S Development/Sales started
1994 Opened Osaka branch

Core Pack Tube REX Development/Sales started

1995 Design Registration of "Plastic Sleeve with stopper"
1996 Utility Model Registration of "Core Pack Tube REX"
1997 Core Pack Tube SLIM, Percussion Pack Development/Sales started

Patent Granted of "Plastic Sleeve with stopper"

Utility Model Registration of "Setting Stand"

2000 Core Pack Tube 86TRIPLE Development/Sales started

RS Bit (head switching parts) Development/Sales started

Patent Granted of "Core Pack Tube NEW S"

2003 Closed Osaka branch

Percussion Type: Mr. Division Development/Sales started

2004 Core Pack Tube 116TRIPLE Development/Sales started
2005 Expanded RS Bit varieties
2006 Core Pack Tube 76TRIPLE Development/Sales started
2007 Percussion PRO Development/Sales started
2009 Toughness Bit / Twin Circle Bit Sales started
2012 Core Pack Tube 100 TRIPLE Development/Sales started

Sand Bucket Development/Sales started



2-14-27 Nakahata Onojo City
Fukuoka  Japan  816-0921
TEL : (+81) 92-572-0680  FAX : (+81) 92-501-7824 



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